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MLM and Network  Marketing Opportunities: Your Step by Step Guide!

You have decided that you want to look into what everyone is talking about and get into network marketing.

What is Network Marketing?

-- MLM or network marketing is when you actually recruit other sales people into an organization or down line in order to sell products. This type of marketing has been confused with illegal pyramids in the past, but in actual fact, some of the largest marketing organizations such as Avon, Tupperware and Amway, to name just a few- can all be categorized as MLM. (Yahoo Dictionary)

Where do you start?

First, you have to find the business that you will find interesting and you will want to stick with.

Researching Yourself

Before you start looking at mlm companies you need to look at yourself. This will help you in your search.

  • Do you like to help people? If so, how?
  • What are your interests, likes, dislikes?
  • What past experience do you have that might help.
  • What type of things are you interested in?

Start Looking Around for Network Marketing Companies

It will not take long to find companies that are looking for you to join their team. In some cases, they might find you. You can go to many of the work at home portals and various job sites; just type in "work at home" or "home business" and you will find many. There are many websites that specialize in providing this kind of information to you through advertisements and message board entries that tell you what they do.

Talking to These Companies

Now you have looked around and chosen a few mlm companies you want to look into. What type of questions should you ask?

How long has the company been around?

What will I be doing?

What training is involved?

Will I have a mentor/sponsor to help me after the training?

How long have you been with the company?

How much will I be paid?

How long does it take before I start seeing results?

How will I be paid?

How much will it take for me to get started?

Are there any monthly/annual fees involved?

Some of these questions might seem rather blunt, however these are important for you to know before you make a decision about a network marketing business.

Do not agree to join until after you have had a chance to research the company. Give yourself a few days and set an appointment for them to call you back.

Research The MLM / Network Marketing Company

No matter what company it is, you should be able to research it.

Check with the Better Business Bureau- there are ways to check online companies as well.

Go to the work at home websites, and look for message boards and forums. Join and start asking questions. You might want to ask the same questions everywhere to see if you get the same responses. It is good to talk to more than one person within a company; this gives you a view from a different prospective. They might have different methods they use to be successful- and just because one person is successful it doesn’t mean everyone will be, and vice versa.

Go to the company’s main website and look around.

Weighing The Odds

Make a list with each company of the pros and cons that you have found in your research and from talking to people with each company.

There are some important things to keep in mind when deciding.

No matter how good the company is if you are not willing to work and be trainable you will not succeed.

You must go with a company that offers unlimited support or you will find yourself with questions that you cannot get answered.

You will be responsible for your own success in many ways.

You must train your downline. In most cases with Network marketing your success is dependant on your downlines’ success. For example: To move up to the next level, your downline must enroll and sign up a certain amount of business for you to promote. This can be frustrating at times but can be overcome with a good training system in place that includes proven multiple ways to generate results.

If you would rather be sitting on the couch watching soap operas and eating Bon-bons, this business is not for you.

You need to have an out-going, enthusiastic personality.

You can get over being shy, but you must be comfortable talking to people whether it is on the phone or in person, depending on the business.

You must believe in what you are doing to be successful at it, and in order for you to have the motivation to pick up the phone or to speak to someone about it. If you do not believe it is real then it won’t be. Once you find that company that you can stand behind, treat it as if it was yours, because after all- it is.

If you just opened a coffeehouse you would believe that your coffee was the greatest right? Same mental attitude applies here. There aren’t any “I will try it’s” in this business. You have to be a “I will do it” type person to survive and succeed in network marketing.

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